Northern Lights

Northern Lights - T Rico I received a hard copy of this book for free from the author's publicist for an honest review in January 2014, after the author and I connected via twitter.

I found it a frustrating read. I do not need to be repeatedly bashed over the head with plot points. Too many times characters would repeat exactly the same thing the narrator had just described, not just once but sometimes twice in the same scene.
I also found the character descriptions on the whole routinely jarring and quite irritating.The male characters in particular were overly melodramatic, most of the women did not warrant a personality, they were satisfied with simply being pretty, or good cooks.
A promising mystery alluded to throughout around a character called Bergem left me feeling thoroughly cheated by the book's conclusion.
Some good Points;

There is a proper story.

There was a proper ending.

The loose threads were tied up.

It is a pity GR do not allow half points. On the whole I am giving it 2.5.
Reviewed on my blog in more detail.