Restoration - Greg F. Gifune This is not really a review.

Admittedly, I was expecting a novel, however 'Restoration', is actually a short story, accompanied by a much longer 3 chapter excerpt of a book from Greg F Gifune's 'The Bleeding Season'. After a quick Goodreads search it appears that I am not the only one who was a little confused, the table of contents being placed on the very last page did not help.

I enjoyed the short story, however the synopsis does not leave anything to the imagination all, I do not think it would take any readers' latent psychic ability to figure why the little boy returns to the land of the living, there is no twisty ending. Having said that I have nothing particularly bad to say.

This is essentially just a taster, promoting Greg F Gifune's work which I am sure I will check out in detail at some later date; job done.

Received as a gift from the publisher DarkFuse for subscribing to their club. (It took me 3 days to remember that, it was just there on my Kindle, I had thought I had been sleep-shoplifting or something).