I Was the Cat

I Was the Cat - Paul Tobin Allison Breaking, American blogging goddess calls her blog, 'Breaking News', (Guffaw, guffaw, guffaw); regardless she is still in demand. Mysterious new client Burma, offers her $45000 to write his memoirs and knowing nothing about him whatsoever, apart from the fact his appearance might cause alarm, she flies half way across the world to London.

Burma it turns out, is not only the worlds only talking cat, but he is also gifted with reincarnation. He spends the book telling Allison and her pointless friend Reggie the juicy details, ruling a cat and butler mafia from his lair, and tucking into a tuna fish sandwich.

This cat is paradoxically nice and nasty, a complete megalomaniac, not unlike the purr box staring at you from that comfy chair opposite right now. Over the centuries Burma has attempted and failed miserably to take over the world. He has used his wiles to meet and manipulate various famous and powerful people throughout history, Elizabeth I, Napoleon, erm Audrey Hepburn, but to no avail, he is on his 9th and last life, it is time to come clean.

I think a few important elements of the story were missing, like an ending for instance, a couple of personalities for the main humans involved and a solid story.

The graphics, well, I cannot draw a straight line myself, so therefore anyone who can draw a recognizable face gets a wow from me.

ARC received from the publisher for an honest review.