Eaters: Dark Journey

Eaters: Dark Journey - Michelle DePaepe I must admit to completely forgetting that I had not read this book, I am going to blame someone else entirely for this, because how many times are we going to see that same woman peering over the covers on a zombie novel cover, get another artist, or pay the one you have already got, please!

Colour me confused, I have no idea when or where I received this book. If I bought it which I am certain I did, I would not be able to tell you how much it cost or even when it was purchased. If it was ever on Amazon it does not appear to be now, any external links on Goodreads result in an error. The ASIN is B004YWKD7U, so it is obvious it was on Amazon at one point, but has been removed for some reason. It is quite probable that that books one and two have been republished in one volume as 'Eaters' by Permuted Press, but this is only my assumption.

Halfway through chapter one I thought 'meh', half way through chapter two, and my thoughts had turned to 'yeah'.

We are following Cheryl on her journey through Golden, Colorado. She's lonely, she's tired, she's hungry, she's grieving and she is scared out of her wits, but she does everything in her fragile power to keep it together. She finds refuge, only to discover that she has jumped out of the frying pan into the proverbial fire.

It is not perfect, and events in the book are fairly routine to be honest, nothing happens in Eaters: Dark Journey that has not happened with hundreds of other zombies afflicted books and in reality I am not certain I would want Cheryl Malone watching my back.

I did like the character treatment and development of Cheryl, she certainly felt reasonably authentic, we are not talking John McClane from 'Die Hard', but a hint of a real person with all the normal flaws. We certainly expect a lot from our heroes and heroines, but most of us would not, or could not save the day given the same situation, we would be chow real quick, and so would the people with us.

It is relatively short and quick read, but you have action, you have a motorbike, you have acrobatic ninja skills on that motorbike, you have guns and the main character gets tongued by a zombie, what more could you want. If you are a zombie lover it is worth the download, if you can find it.

At the end of the book, the writer indicates that there will be a sequel, called Eaters: Destination, however a glimpse of her twitter feed in May 2014 indicates that she is 80% of her way through Eaters: Resurrection. Either way I have my sweaty hands on the prequel, Eaters: The Beginning already which I will read that in time. (It was published in 2012).

NB: I am fairly certain after checking online that Eaters: Dark Journey & Eaters: The Beginning are now contained in one volume simply called Eaters.